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本文摘要:1.You make my heart smile.1、我的心因你而笑。2.My heart is with you.2、我的爱与你同在。3.Tell me you are mine. I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time.3、请告诉我你是我的。 岁岁年年,我都属于你,永远永远。


1.You make my heart smile.1、我的心因你而笑。2.My heart is with you.2、我的爱与你同在。3.Tell me you are mine. I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time.3、请告诉我你是我的。

岁岁年年,我都属于你,永远永远。4.There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you.我早上愿意醒来为两个理由: 闹钟和你5.Where there is great love, there are always miracles.5、那里有真爱存在,那里就有奇迹。

When the words "I love you" were said by you for the first time, my world blossoms.6、第一次听到你对我说"我爱你",我的世界一瞬间鲜花绽开。7.The darkness is no darkness with thee.7、有了你,黑暗不再是黑暗。8.First impression of you is most lasting.8、对你最初的印象,久久难以忘怀。

9.I know you like this song most and I know what you are thinking about ,too, I miss you .9、我知道你最喜欢这首歌,我也知道你的心思,我想你。10.Love me little and love me long.10、不求情意绵绵,但求天长地久。11.If I know what love is, it is because of you.11、因为你,我明白了爱。

12.With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines.12、拥有你漂亮的恋爱,太阳就永远妖冶。13.Precious things are very few in this world. That is the reason there is just one you.13、在这世上珍贵的工具总是罕有,所以这世上只有一个你。

14.To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world.14、对于世界而言,你是一小我私家;可是对于某人,你是他的整个世界。15.Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.15、在爱人眼里,一千里的旅程不外一里。

16.I miss you so much already and I haven't even left yet!16、只管还未曾脱离,我已对你朝思暮想!17.Brief is life, but love is long.17、生命虽短,爱却绵长。18.The soul cannot live without love.18、灵魂不能没有爱而存在。

19.I love you not because of who you are,but because of who I am when I am with you.19、我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感受20.Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.20、有了你,我迷失了自我。失去你,我何等希望自己再度迷失。21.I was silent,no hope for love you.我曾默默无语,毫无指望的爱你22.Then I met a lot of cloudy days, but I did not dare to see you again in the rain.厥后我遇到许多阴天,却再也不敢冒雨再见你一面23.I think how much I want you to dream so truly.我是有多想你,才会在梦里梦得那么真切24.What can not be put down, not just a few bottles of wine a few tears a few difficult nights.有什么放不下,不就是几瓶酒几滴泪几个难过的夜晚25.Some scenery can only be like but can not be collected, like some people are only suitable to meet but not suitable for a long time.或许现在的你知道我没睡,我也知道你没睡,看着相互更新的动态,却再不能说上一句话26.Perhaps the loved one never knows how painful it is to love you.或许被爱的人永远不知道,爱你的人有多痛苦27.Don't drop the tears again, don't think of him again, the only sad one is yourself.别再掉眼泪,也别再想他,惆怅的只有你自己28.You are not brave,no one is strong for you.你不勇敢,没人替你坚强29.It's like a storm. It's like a storm. It's always sunny after a storm.再惆怅终归会已往,就像狂风雨后总会有天晴30.Like is the choice, love is only you.喜欢是选择,爱是非你不行31.A strange joy is easy, long can tender the most rare.热烈的乍见之欢很容易,温柔的久处不厌最难过32.You can forgive anyone without a bottom line, who can hurt you without a bottom line.你能无底线的原谅谁,谁就能无底线的伤害你33.Company is the longest confession of love, waiting is the most hypocritical self.陪同是最长情的广告,等候是最矫情的自嗨。34.There are hundreds of heart acids,and silence is the worst. 心酸纵有千百种,缄默沉静不语最惆怅。

35.How do you describe the feeling of losing a loved one?I guess probably lonely in the crowd,You cry at a comedy show.失去最爱的人那种感受该怎么形容?或许是:身处人海里,也以为孤苦,看喜剧都市哭。36.I don't admire the loved ones, I am the one we used to.我不羡慕秀恩爱的情侣,我嫉妒以前的我们。37.Feelings are not all, why bother to push yourself to a dead end.情感又不是全部,何须把自己推上绝路。38.I wish someone could see your braveness,And give you the warmest embrace. 希望有人看透你的逞强,给你一个最温暖的怀抱。

39.I have loved you with the most beautiful time. In the story that passed away, you owe me a sentence: treasure.我曾以最美的时光爱过你,逝去的故事里,你欠我一句:珍重。4.It never needs to be remembered, nor does it need to be forgotten.从不需要想起,也从来不需要忘记。

41.What can’t be taken won’t stay. What won’t stay shouldn’t be a concern.带不走的留不下,留不下的莫牵挂。42.All love is secret, all soulful only for you. 所有深爱都是秘密,所有深情都只为你。43.Don't expect warmth outside of yourself. It's better to be independent and live alone.不期待除自己以外的温暖,独立到一小我私家可以生活的更好。

44.Lonelier than loneliness is being with the wrong people.比孤苦更孤苦的,是和错的人在一起。45.Being single is better than being in an unfaithful relationship.比起谈着充满欺骗的恋爱,只身反而更好。46.You either have moneywith security, or have love with happiness in your life.人一辈子,要么有钱有宁静感,要么有爱有幸福感。

47.There is always a sad dream,in the dream, he loves me very much.总是做一个很伤心的梦, 在梦里他很爱我。48.I want to try, if I work hard, how far can I go.我想试试,如果我努力,我能走到什么水平。49.Even if we can't be together in the end, I'm glad that you were a part of my life.纵然最终我们不能在一起,我依然庆幸你曾是我生命的一部门。50.Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All that we have is what's between hello and goodbye.没有什么是永远的。

永远是个假话。我们能拥有的一切只在初识与再见之间。51.Sometimes goodbye is the only way. 有时候,除了说再见,无路可走。

52.There are some people who come to open our eyes. Therefore, people must be able to withstand falsehoods, perfunctory, cheating, forgetting promises, putting everything aside, refined, calm and calm.有一些人的泛起,就是来给我们开眼的。所以,人一定要禁得起假话,受得住搪塞,忍得住欺骗,忘得了答应,放得下一切,百炼成精,淡定从容。

53.I don't want us to be strangers again. 我不希望我们重新变回生疏人。54.You will definitely be the surprise that someone is looking forward to.你一定会是某小我私家翘首以盼的惊喜。55.Don't take a wishful thinking as a full-fledged courage, don't take boredom as a desire.别把一厢情愿当成满腔孤勇,也别把厌倦当成欲情故纵。56.If I really miss it, I think this is a tacit choice for two people.倘若真的错过,我想这是两小我私家心照不宣的选择。

57.Some people miss not necessarily to meet, like not necessarily to be together.有些人纪念纷歧定就要相见,喜欢纷歧定就要在一起。58.You really great can easily make me sad.你真的很伟大,能轻而易举让我惆怅。59.There will be a tear that lets you grow in a twinkling.总会有一次流泪,让我们瞬间长大。

60.I still like you very much, even though this is the end of my life.我还是很喜欢你,哪怕今生,后会无期。61.Think you know everything, so I do not say the pain.以为你都懂,所以不说痛。62.I can only live once and can not be generous to the people I do not love.我亦只有一生,不能慷慨赠予我不爱的人。

63.I just put you in the empty city which in my heart guest a relict.我只是将你放进我心中的空城,客串个未亡人。65.I still like you, like a child babbling, words fail.我还是很喜欢你,像咿呀学语的孩童,词不达意。66.He was the best at that time, and now I am the best I am.其时的他是最好的他,现在的我是最好的我。


67.I don't want how happy you are, I just want you not to be as lonely as I am. 我不愿你有多幸福,只愿你不要像我这般孤苦。68.Without the first desperate, I still like you very much, maybe this life can only be here.没有了一开始的奋掉臂身,我还是很喜欢你,也许这辈子也只能到这里了。69.Don't be afraid to leave, as long as the love, will be in a moment, with a gentle gesture embrace you and you meet again.不必畏惧分别,只要还爱着,一定会在某一刻,以温柔的姿势拥抱你和你重逢。

70.In fact, what can really crush you is never the criticism of others, but your suspicion of yourself.其实,真正能击垮你的,从来不是别人的非议,而是你对自己的怀疑。71.There is no tears of sadness, such as no wind night snow quietly deposited in the bottom of my heart.世上存在着不能流泪的悲伤,如无风夜晚的雪花悄悄沉积在心底。72.See you next time, talk and laugh, not emotional. 下次见你,谈笑风生,不动情。

73.If the result is not as good as you want, fight hard before the dust settles down.如果效果不如你所愿,就在灰尘落定前奋力一搏。74.I'm really proud. If you don't come and coax me, I can say goodbye to you.我其实挺自满的,你不来哄我,我可以跟你就此别过。

75.Loving you is the most serious thing I've ever done.喜欢你是我做过最认真的事情76.Happiness is, adhesion of the person you like, never think you boring幸福是,你喜欢粘着的谁人人,永远都不嫌你烦77.Hope is fire, disappointment is smoke, and life is smoke as it burns.希望是火,失望是烟,生活就是一边焚烧,一边冒烟。78.When it has is lost, brave to give up. 当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放弃。79.Waiting for you to come back into my life,is just an excuse for not completely letting go of you. 等候,不是为了你能回来,而是找个捏词不脱离。

80.Thinking of the first sight,it was dizzying and fantastic.But when the mind is changed,everything would fades away.想起初相见,似天旋地转,当意念改变,如过眼云烟。81.My eyes have shallow sea land old clap vita etched a bay miss.我眼中有浅浅的海,前尘往事拍岸,侵蚀出一湾想念。82.No matter the ending is perfect ot not,you cannot disappear from my world.浊世富贵,只为你倾尽天下。

苍水蒹葭,只为你归田卸甲。83.You're the person who makes the world heaven for me, no matter what the world becomes.不管世界变得怎么样只要有你就会是天堂84.I give my future fill in color, afterwards just know, you are that color.我给我的未来填上了色彩,厥后才明确,你就是那色彩。